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VPSs are much cheaper than dedicated servers since many (10-50 VPS) runs on one strong physical computer and therefore they use less power electricity and demand less physical space. Some processors which should appear in close future supports virtualization technology and therefore naturally are able to run virtual private servers. Currently VPS providers uses special software mostly on standard AMD and Intel processors. Software in use is usually Virtuozzo (or OpenVZ) and Xen.

Virtual private servers became very popular nowadays as good and cheap replacement for more expensive dedicated servers. When you consider offers and deals for VPS, you should take into consideration reviews of VPS hosting companies, quality of their support, the fact are those VPS managed or unmanaged, VPS availability, uptime, reliability, quality of service(QoS) etc.

At this website you can find information about nice VPS offers and their short reviews. If you know some relevant information please send us an email for consideration to publish it on this website.

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Our top recommendation

Website hundertprozent CO2 neutral mit Host Europe Virtual Server 4.0 von Host Europe
1GB memory, 50GB HD RAID, flat traffic, 12.99 EUR (approx. 18$) there is a Google translate in Chrome to help you with German, don't worry :) I do use them and I don't speak Germany either. Their customer support answers emails in English. This is our best recommendation - best buy.
Very affordable custom plans from the company long at the market
StartLogic 512MB memory, 60GB HD, 2TB bandwith , 49.95$ These guys are long at the market and stable

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Many webmasters nowadays decides to rent VPS rather than full dedicated since it is cheaper. This page is aimed to help you choose your VPS hosting provider.

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